Yesterday I woke up in the morning and had breakfast in a very nice buffet and then we went to a swimming pool. After the pool me and my brother went to get some 2 jet ski's. My friend Alex saw me so went to the other swimming pool and we played basketball. We played soccer with some other people after and then I had to go Jet ski. My brother got his own jet ski and me and my dad shared one. On the jet ski we tried to wet each other by drifting on the side and throwing a lot of water. Then I had lunch on the beach and then me and Alex and his Sister went to the adventure zone for 2 hours and we played tag, cops and robbers and also 44 home. We went to do an air hockey tournament afterwards with his family and we played basketball.
The next day Alex had to leave Cebu to go back to Hong Kong. Then I watched Indiana Jones back at the room.

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