Welcome to my Student Led Conference in this conference I will show you what I have done since the last conference. It will show how I have been a PYP learner through out the year and what I have been learning in my units.

I am going to reflect on how I used to write and how I write now and this piece of writing shows how I used to write. Before I thought my writing wasn't very descriptive and didnt show how I felt about what I was writing. I also thought that when I tried to do a piece of work I was rushing it.

I have selected this piece of writing to show how I have improved. Now I think I have begun to add more detail to my writing pieces. I also spend more time in my pieces of work. I often write pieces about sports because thats kind of what I want to do when Im older. A Sport Journalist!!!!!!

This Semester I have been mostly focusing on exhibition. During this unit Sidhonie and I have done a lot of research and a lot of going across the whole school researching about if the school is using Biodegradable products meaning if the chemicals in the cleaning products wash away in the sea. I have been very attached and committed in helping the pink dolphins. Sidhonie and I showed a great commitment to telling people to save the pink dolphins. I thought we were well organized for the primary students and mostly organized for the Middle and High School students. But the for the Lower primary I thought we were not descriptive enough. I also thought our display was pretty cool. But overall it was great. This is the page Sidhonie and I and Stacey ( our mentor for the exhibition proccess ) stacked our research and information.

Unfortunately Im leaving HKA to go in another school. But this year I thought I followed the PYP learner pretty well. For example in some pieces I wrote about how I was following the PYP profiles. And how I valued the PYP attitudes. So for this year I thought I showed a lot of caring to the environment and a lot of risk taking in the work I have done.

During this year I have improved in many areas of maths especially simplifying fractions, multiplying fractions, dividing. I was very pleased with all the the progress I have done with my fellow teachers and the help if my class mates.
My Short Term Goal Is to be a better at listening to my class mates advice.
My Long Term Goal Is to be better at committing to do extra work over the break 

Thank You!!!!!
Thank you for reading my Student Led blog post and I hope that you have learned more about me and the progress that I have made this year. Please comment
Today Is my first ever day to present my exhibition. Over 8 weeks today is the day that I present all the work I have done with my partner Sidhonie. The First grade the came was Grade 4. Some people in Grade 4 were pretty engaged in our work but some people were rude. Which made me think my work was bad. Then I had to do a job and I had to be a knowledge bank. A knowledge bank is someone who checks the questions that were answered by the students. That was easy and pretty boring then guess what it was lunch and I played football and basketball. We had the grade 7 come after lunch. I was advertising for people to come to our place because there was no one coming to our place. Well this is only the start of the exhibition so I will be posting stuff later.
For my exhibition group I have got a lot of research and I have lots of Ideas on how we are going to present the exhibition. But i still have to finish our presentation (booklet and quizes.) My concerns about the exhibition is that we should have started doing our presentation earlier because we have been doing research for 8 weeks. If there would be an area in the exhibition that I would be proud of it would be how I am now not shy to present all of my work. Next week if you come to my exhibition you will learn about how pink dolphins are dying. What do they look like and some characteristics. And you will learn about how you can save the pink dolphins.
Summer Rome 04/27/2010
Today my mom told me that we are going to rome with my whole family except my dad. Rome is the place that I hav always wanted to go to. We called my brother tonight to ask him if he wanted to go to Rome with My mom my brother my sister and I. He responed straight away saying of course I want to go Rome. So I was really happy because I would have company in Rome. The things I want to do in Rome is go to the colloseum and eat some of the great Ice creams and pizzas from Rome. And of course I would like to go to the museums and etc. So all I have to say in this blog post is I cant wait till Summer comes.
Yesterday I saw Andy and Sally and today I am here to talk about the most important things from a conference. So first of all I think I improved a lot in writing since the beginning of the school year. I think I improved by daily writing a blog post and I also improved by taking private lessons apart from school. I ask myself sometimes why are you trying so hard in writing, well today I have the answer. It's because I am trying to get very good marks to go in SIS ( my future school ). Ok Ok that is enough for the writing part. Now lets talk about math. Ok well math is probably one of my strongest suits. I improved in math by working night by night with my dad. That really helps with my math. This year I think I did really well on my tests. Which my mom is really proud of ( well afcors me to ). Maths is a good subject to have in your first period at school because it really gets your brain going. Well in the conference it was sort of like a presentation. So I presented a blog post i did to share with my techear and my mom. So go check out that link above to see how I think I do at school. At the end of the conference my mom told me I am very proud of you Paul but just do your best at all the work you do at school.
This week I will be writing blog posts about my goals in all the subjects I do at school. In some of the blog posts I will compare two pieces one from the beginning of the year and one from the end of the year.

As a writer I think I have improved since the last few moths. Here is a piece of writing I did at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year I didn't made my writing to direct and I didn't write what I thought.

Here I have selected a piece I did in February. In this piece I thought I had more thought into it and I used a better word choice and I made less punctuation mistakes. My writing has progressed a lot since the beginning of the year.
Here you can find what I marked myself on the writing rubric.
My short term goal is to make my writing clearer
My long term goal is to use more descriptive words.
At the beginning of the year I would have graded my self a three at all the categories on the writing rubric I linked above.

Yesterday I revisited the goals I made for my self at the beginning of the year. I read it and thought I mostly achieved the goal so I should set new and harder goals for me.

Now my goals is to do essays often and get used to it.
For math is to work on my fractions,decimals and exponents.
In UOI is to be less shy to take action in things like exhibitions.
I think these goals are going to be goals that I will achieve three months.
The goals that is most important to me is to write essays more often and second is the math one I wrote. Writing is most important to me because it is very important for me to be good at writing because english is my second language.


This year we have participated in many different units of inquiry. The unit of inquiry that I think I did the best at is how we express our selves. During this unit I did many writing because of my compare and contrast essay. The piece that I think I did best is my essay. I chose this piece of work because I put so much effort into it and it was my first official essay that I was proud of. I was so encouraged by my mom to do good at it.

For UOI my short term goal is to be better at being reflective about my pieces by after every work I do I write a reflection about what I did well and what I could improve on.
My long term goal is to weekly write essays about inquiries in the world and some global problems the world is taking place.

How we organise ourselves (Communities) / How we learn (teach lesson) / How we express ourselves (Compare and contrast essay / art piece) / Where we are in place and time (Chinese outfit and timeline) / Exhibition
During this year I have improved in one area in math which is the multiplications. If you want to see some pieces of work i did here.
they are.

My short term goal is to work at summer on some math.
My long term goal is to do lots of sums of multiplication and division.

Thank you for reading my PTC blog post. I hope that you have learned more about me and the progress that I have made this year. I look forward to hearing responses from you guys.

When you write a comment please link to your blog please.
This year I went to France for easter. This is a new event we do. Me and my mom go to France now to visit our grandparents and we go take care of our other house in the South of France. We arrived at airport and then we took a train to go to Lyon ( the place where my 21 year old brother lives ). He goes to university called ESDES and we went to visit him for three hours before going to our house in the south of France. Then we ate before we walked to the train station. Then we had a 2 hour train. We arrived at the train station closest to our house. Our grandparents were waiting for us and then we drove back to our house.

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In my head I am really sad with whats happening to the world. I hate to see these things happening like today the pollution in Hong Kong was to high and we couldn't go outside to play or go to outdoor P.E the world quickly needs to take action. There is to much factories in the world and its causing there to be holes in the ozone layer and it cause people to have allergies.
Earth Hour 03/22/2010
For earth hour I am going to go the sevens so in the morning we will turn of all the electricity and then we will be in the sevens so we wont be in the house while earth hour.